Requirements & Analysis

Creative RNP provides a focused and detailed business requirements analysis that can help you avoid problems in the long-term. Our expertise enables us to discover, analyze, define, and document the requirements that are related to specific business or IT objectives.

Understanding the requirements or needs of our customers is only the first step. Requirements analysis are not conducted in a vacuum; they must be tailored to fit the available resources and ultimately must correspond to the scope and size of a project.

After we conduct all of the necessary activities needed to generate a requirements analysis for a specific project, we provide our customers with a written report that summarizes the scope of work to be done, the requirements that drive the project, and the projected resources needed to accomplish a stated objective. In this way, customers can use our reports to "cost-out" the resources and time needed to complete anticipated projects and achieve organizational goals in a timely and efficient manner.

Why Choose Us?

Creative RNP delivers value through process centric methodologies, enabling us to seamlessly integrate into highly structured, complex infrastructures, and build a solid, operational framework.

We are a customer oriented technology firm that is committed to delivering optimal IT services to our client, and utilize our expertise to cover a broad spectrum of complex IT processes.