Systems Integration

In today's marketplace systems' integration is a buzz word that is familiar to IT professionals and end users alike. It is what organizations and people want but something that can be quite challenging to implement. A good standard by which to judge the degree to which a systems' integration effort has been successful is transparency.

This means that end-users and administrators should be able to access, use, and maintain several different systems without knowing that they are doing it. All they should see is a single gateway or portal that leads them to some type of dashboard that allows them to access all the information and resources they need. Based on this ultimate end goal, designing, testing, and implementing a systems' integration project from start to finish can be somewhat challenging.

The staff and resources available through Creative RNP can help make undertaking a systems' integration project more manageable and doable. We do not do anything until we understand what your needs are and the organizational end state you want to reach. Interviewing staff and management helps us to gain the necessary organizational insight to customize a systems' integration solution.

Our approach to designing, testing, implementing, and evaluating a systems' integration effort is iterative and customer-need driven. We assess, recommend, build, test, train, implement, and evaluate over and over again until your organization is confident that we have designed a solution that works for you.

Why Choose Us?

Creative RNP delivers value through process centric methodologies, enabling us to seamlessly integrate into highly structured, complex infrastructures, and build a solid, operational framework.

We are a customer oriented technology firm that is committed to delivering optimal IT services to our client, and utilize our expertise to cover a broad spectrum of complex IT processes.